Arttdinox looks for reinventing its retail

Riding high on increasing consumers aspiration levels and penetration of modern designs in Indian homes,arttdinox, a lifestyle brand of Jindal Steels, is reinventing its retail connect. Arttdinox has appointed DFC (Design For Change), a unit of FRDC, Bangalore to redesign its retail stores with a renewed synergy of the brand. From designer kitchenware to modular kitchens and craft based Indian art items for Indian homes, arttdinox will offer a 'under one roof' solutions to modern Indian women a place to pick such items for their homes. Women being a key decision maker in such business and products, it would be imperative that design for such environment is driven by 'senses' and 'emotional' aspects which connect Indian femme. FRDC will research Indian kitchens and dining habits to arrive at a modern and contemporary solution which will connect design to Indian ethos.