Parx "stagged"-JGA and FRDC reinvent Parx brand for new retail looks

Parx the men premium casual brand from House of Raymond got its new retail look as it went under reinvention exercise in last few months. Launching the first of this series of stores in Phoenix Mall Pune, Ken Nisch, Chairman JGA, Detroit who along with FRDC (Future Research Design Company), Bangalore designed and conceptualised this identity said-"The new store design is based on House and its called "Parx House". Designed for new emerging India, there has been thought provoking eclecticism which is manifested in this store". All fixtures, materials, design and elements have a 'stressed' look which reminds of a house which is 'under use', and is not shiny. This is the look which is in trends and is liked by new generation who is tech savvy on one hand and is rooted in cultural aspects on other. The arched entrances as layers in the store form a basis of planning and merchandising. The brand symbol-racing stag has been reinforced at various places in the store forming a brand imagery and customer connect. Says Sanjay Agarwal of FRDC-" Parx store design is like a house where 25 year guy of today is likely to stay. Its likely to be his father's house, where he is on his career path before he moves into his own career and life. The influences of such house is evident in the design". There has been a deliberate use of 'worked' on and 'used' effect of materials and finishes like industrial looking steel, raw plywood units, unfinished metals, used paint finish, mango wood doors etc to get to as real as possible.

To connect to the city it belongs, there has been an emotional visual connect by introducing an iconicity. The Pune store has a large shot of famous Shaniwar Darwaza and to connect it to India, the decorative lampshades have a faint Indian connect.