'Tashi- a Green store designed by JGA and FRDC for Tata International gets featured in 'Stores of the Year' no. 18

Stores of the Year No. 18

As retailing races to reinvent itself in the face of an uncertain economy and cautious consumers, store design takes on increasing importance — and increasing frustrations. What brought in customers just a few years ago may now leave them cold; yesterday’s great idea may be today’s embarrassing failure.

This the 18th volume of Store of the Year is vital for any retailer or store designer who wants to see the stores that are bringing in customers today. You’ll see the work of the firms that truly understand retailing, and the designers that realize that a great design goes far beyond the store layout and a few nice fixtures. The stores featured in this volume are the complete retail package — design, furnishings, lighting, materials, signage, packaging, all come together to result in stores that generate sales and customer loyalty.

Stores of the Year No. 18 is truly international and inclusive. You’ll travel the globe from Europe, Asia and the Subcontinent to Australia, the Arabian Peninsula and the Americas. You’ll visit high-end boutiques and department stores; children’s stores; electronic, accessory and shoe stores. If it’s retailing and successful, it’s here.