Not Just Wine n Cheese Store by FRDC, Bangalore – India

May 27th, 2015 by retail design blog

FRDC, Bangalore designed “Not Just Wine n Cheese” concept chain of store which creates an unique experience for Gourmet and Wine selling and is now launched in Bangalore, India.

The wine led Gourmet store was designed on a concept of creating an experience of ‘exclusivity’ and ‘signature’ in a retail format which today’s age customer – young and old in India seek from these kind of stores. The store design revolves around lifestyle choices and how a wine selling can be made part of one’s Gourmet selections and vice versa. Creating a occasion based liquors zoning layout, tasting sections, assorted gourmet areas, taste and culinary sections, wine cellars, beer rooms, once can experience store as a walk in distillery/brewery.

Design: FRDC