Saturday, January 15, 2011

Inditex embraces Green

Inditex opens its 5000th store
Inditex, the promoters of the fast fashion brand Zara have made an attempt to embrace the latest eco-trends with their new store design. The company has just opened its 5000th Inditex store as the flagship of its 2011-2015 Sustainable Inditex Plan. The new store, which consumes 30% less energy with regard to the annual average consumption of a conventional store, saves 50% of water consumption and avoids the emission of over 150 toms of CO2 per year. The sales area is spread over five storeys. Highlights of features contributing to the store's eco-efficiency include automatic monitoring of the store’s indoor air quality (CO2 levels, humidity, light intensity, noise), to ensure the comfort of employees and shoppers; motion detectors to turn lights on and off in low-traffic areas and a an air curtain system at entrance doors, equipped with special sensors that continuously monitor outside temperatures to prevent abrupt indoor air temperature changes, thereby reducing the need to run heating/cooling systems. Besides and in order to lessen nocturnal light pollution, the establishment's lights are programmed to dim by more than 50% when the shop is closed. The interior makes generous use of LED lamps, which offer a much longer lifespan than that of conventional bulbs.