Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tashi in DDI

Tashi by Tata Intl Mumbai India
Tashi by Tata Intl Mumbai India

With its new brand prototype in Mumbai, India, Tashi by Tata Intl. combines emotion and locale with its product—all in an eco-friendly environment. The 3,000-sq.-ft. store concept was designed by Southfield, Mich.-based JGA in collaboration with India-based Future Research Design Co. Pvt Ltd. (FRDC). 

The fa├žade, the very first touchpoint of consumer interaction, reinforces the Tashi brand identity. The exterior attracts attention, presents a fashion statement and educates the shopper. The logo, represented by three dots, becomes a symbol of "Tashi" (meaning prosperity and well being) and signifies “Trust, Reliability and Service”—three key attributes of parent company Tata Intl. In a shopping area of the city that radiates maximum visual stimulation, an overscaled stiletto sculpture acts as a signature beacon for the shoe lover. At 7 ft. high and with a 50-in. heel, the shoe measures 11 ft. from end-to-end. 

Typically, Indian shoe stores display rows and rows of shoes that are not segmented by lifestyle. Tashi is all about democratizing style, and creating an ongoing lifestyle experience in-store.

Men’s department fixturing, like the shoes themselves, are more structured, block-like fixtures, essentially organized on a grid; they are neutral in finish, with wood, taupe-colored leather and stone.

Store zones are specially merchandised to explore choices for men and women within lifestyle displays. Elements vary from small detail-driven signage to highly communicative visuals and graphics.

Women’s department fixtures are curved, lightweight and airy, with pedestal tables, white finishes and butter-tone leather. Combined with hot-pink stools, it is feminine without being frilly.

White fixtures for kids/sports have a radius finish and are more geometric in shape.

Interior materials, methodology and designs comply with LEED-certification requirements under USGBC. An effort was made to reuse existing materials and minimize imports. Even leather waste from shoe manufacturing was used to create leather wall finishes.

The eco-friendly focus began with site selection, targeting locations in proximity to community services. In addition, the store features energy-efficient lighting sources and solar panels that supply 30 percent of the store’s required energy.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kashmir to have its first modern Supermarket

DFC, FRDC has been appointed by clients based in Srinagar to design first of its kind of modern supermarket for the valley. Promoted by ALBA group, the retail store will set standards for the retail in Valley. Nisar Ahmad Baba, Managing Director, Alba Power Pvt Ltd, has been among the 144 recipients of MSME National Awards, which has been presented by Indian President Ms Pratibha Devisingh Patil and Mr Virbhadra Singh, Union Minister for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) here.
Though Srinagar has seen few mom and pop kind of self service convenience stores in last few months, but there is still a gap when it comes to a professional 'supermarket' environment. Clients who are locals and well established in the valley have desire to launch and operate modern format of supermarket followed up with few stores over period of time, before they take it to entire J&K. The store design shall have all modern elements and will be positioned within mid to upper mid market, and premium than most of the operating Indian supermarkets in terms of experience. Says Sanjay Agarwal, Director FRDC-"Kasmir and people in Srinagar are aspirational and their young generation is looking for 'upmarket', 'new' and 'fresh' things which have been kept out of this regions in last few decades. We will give them an environment which they can embrace and look upto as their pride". Clients, who are looking this project as an investment rather than operating a store, will build the brand and their reputation in this line before making it a business in times to come. The store design will evolve and revolve through Kashmir's pride and signatures. From colours to branding and interiors, Kashmiris and tourists will have something to cheer about and feel pride.