Monday, December 19, 2011

House of Parx- a new format for premium men casual from Raymond

Parx a leading men casual brand since 1999 from Raymond reinvents itself as brand and retail. The new international identity and retail experience of Parx store was launched in Phoenix Market City Mall, Pune with stores in Mumbai, Chandigarh and Bangalore to follow.

Pune, Maharashtra, December 14, 2011 /India PRwire/ -- Parx is "stagged". The stag as a symbol and icon of Parx new logo can be seen driving the identity of its retail in the new stores. Designed by JGA, Detroit and FRDC, Bangalore the new retail experience and store identity of Parx is set to drive the casual apparel statement in Indian market. Parx being a popular men casual brand since more than a decade, has somehow lost its 'recall' and 'aura' amongst the growing portfolio of international brands in this segment. Ken Nisch, Chaiman, JGA says -"Mr. Shreyas Joshi, President Raymond Apparel and Hetal Kotak, COO gave a singular mandate to reinvent its brand store in a manner that it stands apart in the market not for now but for future also". JGA workng in associaton with FRDC Bangalore created a concept of "Parx House", which was derived from new emergng India's aspiring youth who are embracing fashion and yet have roots in cultural richness of the country. Parx store symbolises and captures imagination of this class and provides an experience which is a complete in all aspects. The underline idea of new design is to bridge western attitude with Indian cultural aspirations. Eclectism as a theme, the retail experience connects this two worlds in a differentiating experience. From western look of Denims lounge to Indian touch in trial rooms and usage of 15 different materials, all harmonize to create this symphony. The retail store is divided as clear as a house is and it is this along with innovative use of "Indian Innovation" which creates a Parx story. This new design along with new brand image of Parx will be carried across the major towns of country iin next few months.

Notes to Editor

JGA is Detroit based Retail Design company, with an experience of more than 40 years and clients such as LMM, Gloria Jeans, Emirates, North Face, DXL, Hersheys, Tata International, Raymond, Sprngfield, Hickey Freeman, Tappers and others. FRDC (Future Reseach Design Company)is Bangalore based Design company proving retail design services to many of the top Indian brands in all segments of retail.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Parx "stagged"-JGA and FRDC reinvent Parx brand for new retail looks

Parx the men premium casual brand from House of Raymond got its new retail look as it went under reinvention exercise in last few months. Launching the first of this series of stores in Phoenix Mall Pune, Ken Nisch, Chairman JGA, Detroit who along with FRDC (Future Research Design Company), Bangalore designed and conceptualised this identity said-"The new store design is based on House and its called "Parx House". Designed for new emerging India, there has been thought provoking eclecticism which is manifested in this store". All fixtures, materials, design and elements have a 'stressed' look which reminds of a house which is 'under use', and is not shiny. This is the look which is in trends and is liked by new generation who is tech savvy on one hand and is rooted in cultural aspects on other. The arched entrances as layers in the store form a basis of planning and merchandising. The brand symbol-racing stag has been reinforced at various places in the store forming a brand imagery and customer connect. Says Sanjay Agarwal of FRDC-" Parx store design is like a house where 25 year guy of today is likely to stay. Its likely to be his father's house, where he is on his career path before he moves into his own career and life. The influences of such house is evident in the design". There has been a deliberate use of 'worked' on and 'used' effect of materials and finishes like industrial looking steel, raw plywood units, unfinished metals, used paint finish, mango wood doors etc to get to as real as possible.

To connect to the city it belongs, there has been an emotional visual connect by introducing an iconicity. The Pune store has a large shot of famous Shaniwar Darwaza and to connect it to India, the decorative lampshades have a faint Indian connect.

Monday, December 5, 2011

FRDC is now ICSID member

Future Research Design Company

FRDC was co-founded in 2007 by Mr. Sanjay Agarwal and Ms. Minali Verma, both Interior Architects from CEPT University, Ahmedabad with a core philosophy to provide design driven innovative services to Indian Industry focussing on consumer related segments. Believing that Design is universal, FRDC, from the day founded, has always been aggressive in bringing International design talent especially from US and Europe in forms of Interns and professionals to work in our studio and to provide a confluence of design germinating ideas to local talents.

Today in its 5th year, FRDC employs more than 18 design staff including international associates and has been started getting recognition in various works achieved by the team.

We firmly believe that Design is a key differentiator in today's market place, where convergence and integration of technologies and streamlined outsource methodology has minimized products differentiation for customers.

When clients come looking for specific solutions and targets, our multidisciplinary team goes into an overdrive, tapping and analysing the problems and ideating solutions. Ideas from such opportunities are translated into INNOVATION. These Innovative Ideas and set of program drives our Design philosophy and help achieving an Imaginative and Successful creative solutions for our clients , customers and brands.

We come from school of thought that Design is inborn and professional training can only enhance it and sharpen the same. We go extra mile to identify this talent in people with us and with clients and help them to groom this talent and learn from them.