Monday, November 10, 2014

FRDC reaches Singapore

We are now here in Singapore. Starting from November 2014, FRDC officially starts its Singapore operations. 
In near future FRDC Singapore will be a Retail Design Excellence centre and we plan to develop key design competencies in this region which is driven by high quality retail and technology one can see around. 
Singapore is positioned as a modern design hub of Asia and we will like to create a cutting edge retail design centre to cater India and region around.

FRDC Singapore is located on 30, Cecil Street, Level # 27- Prudential Tower, Singapore.

Monday, September 15, 2014

FRDC designs for Retail area at Mumbai's new T2 International terminal

MIAL- Mumbai International Airport Limited, has appointed FRDC as design consultant and agency to conceptualize and design Lifestyle retail area at the departure terminal in its new T2 International terminal. A total area of more than 12000 sft comprising Lifestyle retail and Indian bazaar is being planned at the new terminal for departing passengers.

This retail area will comprise well known Indian and International contemporary brands and Indian Bazaar will focus on Indian origin ethnic products, gifting and food items etc.

Speaking on this occasion , SanjayAgarwal, Director FRDC says- " this is a truly proud moment for us at FRDC to be associated with India's pride". FRDC will provide a cutting edge contemporary yet Indian ethos led design for this Terminal which will spell bound passengers. The plan is to charm and enthral passengers and activities including live performances and crafts shows etc are part of Retail offerings.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

FRDC designed "Adonica Kube" opens its first concept store in Singapore

Designed by FRDC, Bangalore, Adonica Kube- a natural and organic wellness and beauty store opened its first store in Katong Mall, Singapore. The store is designed on principles of Reuse and Recycle.

The store design has been conceptualized keeping five elements of space in mind- Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Soul. A magnificent tree holds the entire space and provides a soul to the store.

Speaking on the occasion, Sanjay Agarwal, Director FRDC says- " we thank our client who posed their faith in our design team to deliver the concept from India".

Monday, June 23, 2014

Divas gather at Arttdinox store designed by FRDC

Verve and Ar ttd’inox host a warm interactive a fternoon that is replete with flavourful offerings

The gli tterati showed up in full force in the capital to enjoy an appetising a fternoon, hosted by Verve, at the Ar ttd’inox store where Chef Neeraj Chaudhry of Thai Pavilion, Vivanta by Taj, cooked up a storm. As New Delhi’s scintillating set walked into the expansive store, it was suddenly filled with the clinking of immaculate heels, high-pitched cha tter… and the aroma of fine food as pla tters laden with wine and tasty niblets began to do the rounds.

The ladies admired Ar ttd’inox’s gorgeous wares even as they indulged in their engaging routine of greeting each other and catching up. Very soon, the party made a beeline towards Chefs Neeraj and Ramit who proceeded to walk the invitees through a few of their special dishes.

Chef Neeraj admi tted to a li ttle bit of nervousness as he showed off his culinary skills to this fashionable clique. The women paid close a ttention when the two chefs prepared some of their finest dishes, giving a step-by-step account of the recipes. The ladies were eager to learn and animatedly asked questions about the ingredients and preparation techniques. This gastronomic display was accompanied by the finest of crockery from Ar ttd’inox which enhanced the effect of the presentation and made the mouthwatering food seem all the more delectable.

“I enjoyed the session immensely. I found the ladies extremely aware and very passionate about food. As a professional, I am happy that there are so many people serious about food culture now,” quipped Chef Neeraj. Masters of concept and customisation of dishes, the chefs made a formidable team. It was a satisfied bunch of women that reluctantly left the store that day, carrying home Ar ttd’inox bags with an issue of Verve and a gift from Ar ttd’inox to commemorate the occasion.
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Monday, May 5, 2014


Sanjay Agarwal
Retail Design is what excites architect Sanjay agarwal, Founder and Director of Bangalore-based FRDC. He tells POOL about the importance of creating relevant and inviting retail environments.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Linen Club appoints JGA+FRDC to redefine retail experience for Linen fabrics retail

Linen Club the Niche Fabric

Jaya Shree Textiles in Rishra (West Bengal) has a turnover of Rs1,300 crore, out of which linen brings a turnover of Rs650 rore. Krishnamoothy has plans to double the business at Linen Club Fabrics in the next three years to achieve a total turnover of Rs 2,000 crore. Growing by 20 percent year-on-year, the premium brand is expecting to grow at 15 percent in the next 2 years.

From Manufacturer To Retailer

Though the Linen Club Fabrics was started 22 years ago, the real focus on fabrics began 15 years ago. Krishnamoorthy stresses that the Normandy area from where the material for the fabric are sourced is spread across an area of around 400-500 It is located around France and Belgium which is where the best quality of linen grows for making apparel. According to him, linen is still very niche to the

world. Approximately 40 percent of the apparel business in the world comes from cotton, 50 percent from polyester, 2 percent from wool and just a mere 0.2 percent from linen. Moving from fabric to retailer, Krishnamoorthy gets a 30 percent marketshare in linen fabric. Considering its anti-septic, anti-bacterial quality with natural textures, linen has grown visible in India catching the tastes of a very niche Market.

Out of 10 million meters of fabric that is being produced at their manufacturing unit in Rishra, (it is a 100 acre unit out of which 60 acres is used for making linen), 70 percent of the linen, goes on over-the -counter retail, through the 3,000 MBOs present all across the country. Twentyfi ve percent of the linen fabric is supplied to domestic brands like Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Colour Plus, Wills Lifestyle,

Peter England and Arvind. While, the rest 5 percent is supplied to global brands like Kenneth Cole and Tommy Hilfiger.

The Franchise Model

Ninetyseven percent of the Linen Club Fabrics EBOs that are present across the country, are franchised. The location are chosen carefully while focusing on high street or main street areas and lanes adjacent to these streets, to attract the affluent male customers who could be the CEOs, traders, senior executives or the likes.

Says Krishnamoorthy, “Oscar Wilde once said that fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that you have to alter it every six months. Though, I feel that fashion needs to change every month. In Europe, linen is used mostly for casual wear, but in India we wear it as semi-formalwear. We introduced vibrant colours, including pin stripes, and made something exciting for the Indian consumer. We have tried to change the way people look at linen. Earlier we used to have 80 percent white collection and now it has come down to 70 percent. Our design team at the manufacturing unit comes up with 10-15 designs a day.”

For an outlet of 1,000-1,500 sq.ft., a franchisee would require a minimum investment of Rs60 - Rs70 lakh, out of which Rs30 - Rs40 lakh would go on fabrics and Rs25 lakh on interiors.

Meanwhile, our franchise outlets achieve break-even in the second year and can expect 20 percent ROI from the third year. The brand supports its franchisees with advertisements and promotions; back end training for 5 - 6 sales persons, a helper and an exclusive tailor to provide different styles based on the company’s catalogue. All staff employed at the outlets are educated right from what linen is; and how to wash and maintain fabrics.

“We study fashion trends in the area and guide our franchisees on buying stocks. We even have franchisees that have expanded and opened five stores with us. The outlet which opened in Bengaluru this month is a franchisee outlet. He is an old franchisee and has opened outlets with us in Gulbarga, Nagpur and Thirupathi. We have tie-up with JGA, a leading retail design company of the USA. The Linen Club Fabrics is revamping all their 100 outlets in India to give a similar ambience, space and colour. Krishnamoorthy adds, “We are changing the look of the outlets because we are a premium brand and should have a retail identity which is common across the country. The freshness of the stores will be maintained through the in-house designing and merchandising. We are going to make the Linen Club Fabrics stores a place to walk-in,” says Krishnamoorthy.

Selling a 100 percent linen in a country where consumers are price conscious, Krishnamoorthy confi nes that brands like Louis Philippe and Van Heusen were not able to show case much apparel in 100 percent linen range. He explains that linen category comes under luxury, which can only be available over the counter.

When a man walks into Linen Club Fabric outlet and orders for a fabric particularly for a tailored-garment, for, he can decide on the kind of embroidery, buttons, etc. based on the company’s catalogue and the company delivers it, he says that is the USP of the brand.


Andhra Pradesh stands at number one in the consumption of linen. It could probably be due to its climatic conditions in the area that make it suitable for people to wear linen. Also, 30-40 percent of the people in Andhra are educated and understands linen. At a national level Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu including Andhra Pradesh contribute 40 percent to the sales.

Product Range

Attracting mostly the rich male consumer, 95 percent of the brand’s product categories are menswear. Krishnamoorthy is slowly tapping into the womens wear segment which is currently around 5 percent. The brand has plans to launch a completely new womens wear collection and to increase the women’s segment by 20 percent. Currently, menswear consists of light formals in fl ashy bold colours like red apart from the usual white.

They are priced between Rs400 per meter to Rs5,000 per meter. Linen Club Fabrics has different blends of linen with wool in the premium segment and linen with cotton in the more cost effective categories.


Importing 100 percent of the raw material does come with its ups and downs. With the Indian rupee depreciating in a volatile manner, costs can fl uctuate as 30 percent import duty also goes into it.

Explains Krishnamoorthy, “I have great control over my cost of production. It is slightly lower than China, despite the fact that they are bigger in scale. A few years down the line I see my cost of production going low by 5 percent compared to that of China, because their labour costs would keep increasing. I have reached my own global benchmark that make the costs of production a little under control. By coming up with newer designs and colours, Linen Club Fabrics will continue to excite customers.”

Another major challenge was to keep up with the availability of stock in a store as there is very limited time in which a product can be replenished. He explains, “There are times when the products in the catalogue is not available at the store or is sold out. There are customers who demand for ready-to wear and for a wider range of women’s wear.


In order to keep replenishing the store, Krishnamoorthy has installed software that are connected from the stores to his head offi ce that gives him a daily feedback of sales and stock requirements. One can calculate the amount of stock that moves every day, know the bill value, customer feedbacks, which customers are buying what product, thus building on customer relationships.

The Future

Linen Club Fabrics started its marketing strategies in a big way 5 years ago. Being a B2B brand that attract the likes of customers like CEOs and senior executives, the brand has never brought the end consumer to picture. Now, it has plans to launch its fi rst campaign, which is a fi lm shot with fashion designer Rohit Bal in Mauritius.

Krishnamoothry further says, “Once we have built the brand awareness, instead of the current 97 percent franchise model, we will focus on setting up our own stores. Our aim is to reach 250 outlets by 2017.”

Linen Club Fabrics also has plans of taking the e-commerce route showcasing a strong portfolio of linen garments.”Defi nitely ready-to-wear is growing faster than ready-to-stitch. So, I do not want to lose focus on that. I want to go into garments slowly but my main area will be fabrics,” he says.

At the moment, Linen Club Fabrics is focusing on south India and places like Goa, Hubli and Maharashtra. “We have rich farmers in tier -II and -III cities, it is not that we are only targeting tier -I cities,” he concludes.

Friday, March 14, 2014

ITC CIC gets LEED Gold certificate from USGBC

ITC CIC gets LEED Gold certificate from USGBC

Designed by FRDC, USGBC awarded LEED GOLD certificate to ITC's CIC facility in Bangalore. Sharing this news FRD c's director Sanjay Agarwal says-"it gives us immense pride and confidence that design efforts put to create an actual energy saving and environment friendly facility for ITC for their personal care division has been recognized by USGBC". Sanjay also says that " he wants to thank ITC projects team which worked closely to achieve this recognition".

CIC or Consumer Interaction Centre is a R@D led facility for ITC personal care products division. Built in an existing tobacco factory shed of ITC campus in Bangalore, the facility was designed to take care of natural lighting, Passive Cooling and use of natural local materials. The facility spread in 10000 sft of space uses less than 3000 units of monthly power, which is less than even a home usage.

FRDC a member of USGBC and IGBC specialises in Green design for Retail and Consumer environments and leads design effort required for such spaces and design.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

FRDC at Euroshop 2014

FRDC team was at Euroshop 2014 in Dusseldorf, Germany participating as visitors to the much awaited Retail Design Exhibition. Along with JGA team the objective was to have an immersive retail design tour and absorb new approaches and trends which will influence future of retail. The show also gave an opportunity for FRDC and JGA to tour with clients and make them aware of new developments in store design, VM and technology.

FRDC wins VMRD 2014 awards

FRDC 's green design for Mustard and Parv store won VMRD 2014 awards at a ceremony held in Westin Hotel, Mumbai recently.